iPhone Apps

Because I forget things…
RememberThis is an app for the iPhone that was created because 1) I have a tendency to get distracted and forget about things that I should remember and 2) because the Clock and Calendar app take too long for me to setup a reminder.  I wanted a way to add a reminder with an alarm in just a few taps.  With RememberThis, you can literally create a reminder with just two taps and a swipe.  It’s fast, easy and has a cool date/time interface that’s just plain fun to use. Learn More

Because my kids thought it was funny… (!!! RETIRED !!!)
To be truthful, it was my friend Phil’s idea. He talked me into it. But, my kids do think it’s funny and that’s a good enough reason right there. Yep, it’s a fart app. And it would have been one of the first, if not the first, if Apple had approved it the first time around. But enough living in the past. iToots has it all, a library of original sounds, a recorder for creating your own effects, maraca mode, keyboard mode, a delay timer and much much more.  See for yourself today!  Learn More